Sometimes you just have to take a break.


woman doing yoga technique inside a room
Photo by Marcin Korytowski on

Ah, summer. Beaches, vacations, rest, and relaxation. Right?


I had been looking forward to this summer to finish a massive edit/re-write for my novel based upon feedback I received from agents. However, as it often does, life stepped in. For over a year, I’ve been dealing with random and violent vomiting. (PSA: If you are vomiting a lot of bile after your gallbaldder is removed, do not suffer. Ask your doctor for sucralfate. It’s super safe and lines your stomach from the bile, and it has absolutely changed my life.) For over a year, I’ve had a lot of time to practice not being in control of everything. Ha! Everything but the essentials was put on the backburner, including those edits.

I’ll get back on those edits soon, now that my stomach is behaving itself, but I wanted to remind you in case you need to hear it–allow yourself to take a break. Sometimes your brain will berate you for doing it, but don’t wait until your body forces you to.


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