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Dear Readers and Writers,

What should we discuss? I just read Cristian Mihai’s “Keeping Your Blog Content Fresh,” and a buzzer went off in my head as I read this line: “Readers are sometimes the best sources of new content.”

That moment was too much of an epiphany–why had it not occurred to me before to just ASK y’all? I have a huge list of ideas, but they are my ideas–and I don’t want to be the only one reading this blog…

I enjoy writing about my adventures in, well, writing, but I also know that some of my readers don’t write. What would you like to read in this space? Would you be interested in more snippets of The Devil Inside Me? How about character profiles? Info on the World’s Fair of 1893 or H.H. Holmes? Chicago landmarks that take center stage in the novel?

Writers, how about you? What struggles are you currently facing where you are in the process? Getting started? Finding an agent? Self-publishing? What do you need more information on? I’d love to start curating for our writerly needs.

Please, comment or email and let me know your thoughts. I can’t wait to see them!

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