Writing in 2018


Expert’s Opinion

Now that January is over and we can forget about all of those goals we made…just kidding! If one of your goals is to further your own knowledge in an area of writing, check out Jane Friedman’s thoughts on what 2018 is going to look like for writers.

Her recent post, “What Does 2018 Hold for Writers?” covers trends in freelancing, including paid email newsletters and Medium; book manufacturing; what’s trending in kids’ books; a round-up of indie authors’ opinions; and a link for Joanna Penn’s round-up on self-publishing. 

Whether you’re starting out in the writing world or you are a seasoned freelancer, Jane Friedman–and her twenty years of experience in the publishing biz–is an endless source of timely information. (I used her blog post about author websites to create mine.) You can’t get a much better curated list than one from her. Enjoy!

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